Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hawks Win!!!!!!!

Read it.....



LA Lakers 25 20 19 28 92 Final 

Atlanta 29 26 25 29 109  


 LA Lakers
Min FG 3Pt FT +/- Off Reb Ast TO Stl BS BA PF Pts 
  K. Bryant G 41:38 12-21 2-3 2-6 -15 0 3 4 2 0 0 0 2 28 
  D. Fisher G 23:04 1-6 0-3 2-2 -3 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 1
  P. Gasol C 41:19 5-10 0-0 6-8 -13 2 11 1 4 0 0 0 3 16 
  R. Artest F 38:30 5-9 1-2 4-5 -14 1 5 5 0 1 0 1 4 15 
  L. Odom F 38:07 3-9 1-3 0-0 -15 2 10 2 3 2 0 1 2
Min FG 3Pt FT +/- Off Reb Ast TO Stl BS BA PF Pts 
  J. Farmar 26:10 5-9 4-7 2-2 -10 0 2 2 2 0 0 0 3 16 
  S. Brown 15:28 1-5 0-2 1-1 -9 1 2 0 0 1 0 0 1
  D. Mbenga 6:41 0-1 0-0 0-0 -4 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
  A. Morrison 6:32 1-1 0-0 0-0 -1 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0
  J. Powell 2:32 0-1 0-0 1-2 -1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0


33-72 8-20 18-26
8 36 17 11 4 0 2 16 92 
 Percentages:   .458 .400 .692   Team Rebounds: 10

Min FG 3Pt FT +/- Off Reb Ast TO Stl BS BA PF Pts 
  J. Johnson G 35:34 10-20 5-9 0-1 +7 0 3 8 1 0 0 0 2 25 
  M. Bibby G 21:54 5-9 2-5 0-0 +4 1 2 0 1 0 0 0 1 12 
  A. Horford C 24:04 5-8 0-0 0-0 +5 3 6 1 0 1 0 0 3 10 
  J. Smith F 38:30 6-12 0-0 0-0 +17 2 8 6 1 2 2 0 2 12 
  M. Williams F 30:37 1-4 0-1 0-0 +12 0 5 1 0 1 0 0 3
Min FG 3Pt FT +/- Off Reb Ast TO Stl BS BA PF Pts 
  J. Crawford 27:36 5-14 1-4 3-4 +10 0 2 2 1 0 0 0 2 14 
  Z. Pachulia 23:56 3-3 0-0 4-7 +12 4 10 2 0 2 0 0 3 10 
  M. Evans 23:47 7-9 1-3 3-3 +10 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 2 18 
  J. Teague 10:23 2-3 0-0 0-0 +6 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 1
  J. Collins 1:49 1-1 0-0 0-0 +1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
  M. West 1:49 0-0 0-0 0-0 +1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1


45-83 9-22 10-15
11 39 21 5 6 2 0 20 109 
 Percentages:   .542 .409 .667   Team Rebounds: 5

Hump Day.....News & Views

This is .......

The last day of March.   It is a Wednesday......It is ......Hump Day.  It is 75 degrees....and sunny.  It is a spring the deep south.

For March......we bid you a fine......farewell.

We are very tired.....

No juicy juicy photos.......just a picture of March.....leaving:

Monday, March 29, 2010

Things ....We Learned......From the Week-end

It is a Monday......Spring is supposed to be here....but.....The winds of March say otherwise.  It's still rather cold......and if still feels like winter.

Things we learned?   Let's see:

Tila Tequila...... does not play with a full deck.  What a moron:

Tila Tequila Makes an Ass of Herself

Still in mourning from the death of her girlfriend Casey Johnson nearly three months ago, famous person Tila Tequila wore a see-through black dress to go food shopping with photographers in L.A. on Monday.

Tila Tequila

Tom not only a "man's man".....but also ....quite the "lady's man too:

Tom Brady -- Gisele's Diaper Bag Assistant

While at Gisele's sister's wedding in Brazil this weekend, Tom Brady proved he's a team player and helped carry their son Benjamin's diaper bag.

gisele and tom brady

Finally......a four:

This Brittany Griner....can play!  She is 6'8"......and can dunk with either hand....she has her Baylor team in the "Elite 8"....Last we saw her......she was cold cocking an opponent with an awesome right hook.

Things....I .....think ....I think I learned:

I still have not gotten  used to Daylight Savings Time.

My riding lawn mower.....(for the 2nd straight year)  has a flat tire.  Did I not learn anything....from last year? certainly going a lion.

I you?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Good........But not yet.....Great

The Atlanta Hawks....

 Are a good basketball team.    They are 46-26  with 10 games left in the regular season.   They are comfortably seated  in the 4th spot in the NBA east....Trailing Cleveland, Orlando, and Boston.

Good......but not great.   Great teams don't lose games like the Hawks did last night in Philadelphia.

Great teams ......go on the road ......and win.   

Good teams.....are .....well ....competitive.   Which is exactly what the Hawks were.....and ....are.

Last night ........against an under-manned  Sixer team,  the Hawks lost.  This is a Sixer team with a record of 26-47.   A Sixer team....minus Allen Iverson and   Louis Williams  due to injuries......etc.



Atlanta 27 24 24 23 98 Final 

Philadelphia 26 23 31 25 105


Unacceptable......if want to be great.

19 turnovers........nobody "d"ing offensive game plan........same old Hawks.

Good........but not.....yet.....Great. 

Coming a Theater Near You

Death at a Funeral.......

Whoever.....sees it first....must write a review.

From  YouTube:

Where's my Cheeseburger?

This is too  funny....


Friday, March 26, 2010


Judging  from.... the 2 year sentence Plaxico Burris got for weapons charges.....Gilbert Arenas must feel a bit lucky today.


Gilbert Arenas Dodges Bullet in Sentencing

Gilbert Arenas got a huge break today -- he won't be going to jail.

Arenas was just sentenced to 30 days in a halfway house for his gun-wielding locker room confrontation last year with one of his Washington Wizards teammates.

Arenas pled guilty on January 15 to one felony count of carrying a pistol without a license.

Prosecutors were gunning for three months in jail.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On this Day.....

Today is Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today in
Sports History

1936 - The Detroit Red Wings beat the Montreal Maroons 1-0. The first goal was not scored until 16 minutes and 30 seconds into the sixth overtime period of the season's first Stanley Cup semi-final game.

1962 - Benny "Kid" Paret was knocked into unconsciousness in a boxing match with Emile Griffith at Madison Square Garden. He died 10 days later. It was the first televised "death in the ring."

1971 - The Boston Patriots changed their name to the New England Patriots.

1973 - Nate "Tiny" Archibald became the first player in NBA history to lead the league in scoring (34.0 ppg) and assists 11.4 apg). in the same season.

1975 - Muhammad Ali knocked out Chuck Wepner in the 15th round to retain the world heavyweight title.

1992 - Mario Lemieux (Pittsburgh Penguins) scored his 1000th career point in his 513th game. He was the second fastest player in the NHL to record 1000 points.

2002 - Michael Finley (Dallas Mavericks) became the 238th NBA player to surpass 10,000 career points.

2005 - The NHL canceled its draft due to a six-month player lockout.

Hump Day Humor

Humpin'      on a "Hump Day"

The NFL Over-time Rule Change

The new overtime we understand them:

How the NFL's new rules for postseason overtime games will play out:

  • If Team A receives the opening kickoff and scores a touchdown on that possession, the game ends.
  • If Team A punts or turns the ball over on the opening possession and Team B scores a touchdown or field goal on the next possession, the game ends.
  • If Team A receives the opening kickoff, drives down the field and converts a field goal, Team B gets an ensuing possession. A touchdown by Team B would win the game; a field goal would extend the game; failing to score would end the game.
  • If the score is tied after both teams have had a possession, traditional sudden-death rules resume.
  • If Team B kicks off to Team A and legally recovers the ball during the kickoff, Team A has lost its possession and a scoring drive for Team B ends the game. 
Got it?


Hump Day.....News & Views

It is a ..... postcard perfect spring afternoon in this small southern college town.   This more like it.   70 degrees with lots of sun and no humidity.

Some "stuff" we're following:

There is no life!   Warren Sapp was embarrassed  and humiliated .....during Super Bowl week....Headlines......all over.   Now this:

Warren Sapp Off the Hook in Battery Case

Warren Sapp Off the Hook in Battery CaseFormer NFL superstar Warren Sapp will not face criminal charges for allegedly beating a woman during Super Bowl weekend in Miami this year.

The Florida State Attorney's Office just announced that "the State cannot file charges ... due to the totality of the evidence and inconsistencies with the victim testimony and the physical evidence gathered during the investigation."

The woman told authorities that Sapp got violent with her in his hotel room on February 6, 2010 because he wanted her to leave. But according to officials, there were many inconsistencies in the alleged victim's story.

Authorities say the woman told investigators that Sapp beat her so badly that she could "barely walk " and needed help from an "anonymous man" to leave the building -- but video surveillance shows she never received any aid from anyone ... and was walking without a limp.

Ultimately, officials decided they could not prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt and "ethically meet our burden."

Doc Gooden Busted for DWI -- with Kid Passenger

Former NY Mets and NY Yankees star pitcher Dwight "Doc" Gooden was arrested in New Jersey yesterday after cops say he got into a car crash while under the influence of drugs -- while there was a kid in his car.

According to officials, 45-year-old Gooden was arrested and charged with multiple crimes including:

-- Driving While Under the Influence of Drugs
-- Being under the Influence of a Controlled Dangerous Substance
-- Endangering the Welfare of a Child
-- DWI with a Child Passenger
-- Leaving the Scene of a Motor Vehicle Accident
-- Reckless Driving
-- Failure to Keep Right
-- Failure to Notify Change of Address regarding driver's license

As first reported on, cops say they first investigated the situation after receiving a 911 call around 8:50 AM yesterday morning.

Gooden was released on his own recognizance.

Dwight has a storied history of substance abuse -- dating back to his playing days in the late '80s.
Report: Tim Tebow’s pre-Wonderlic prayer request falls flat

Maybe this is what Tim Tebow had in mind at the Wonderlic testing
Maybe this is what Tim Tebow had in mind at the Wonderlic testing

When Tebow attempted the prayer before the 12-minute test, a few players laughed and another provided some, well, colorful language. Wonder if Tebow will remember the guy who told him to “shut the (expletive) up.”

The Sentinel left a message with members of Tebow’s camp, including father Bob Tebow, for a response to the story.

It appears Tebow is not shying away from his values, even in the face of NFL skeptics. Tebow has always been outspoken about his faith, even in his high school days.

But, as Pro Football Talk points out, Tebow faces a whole new set of challenges in the NFL.

Hump Day.......short shots:

Why is the  Atlanta media.....trying to run Tech's Paul Hewitt ....out of town?

The health-care  bill passed......And the world did not end.    My

The Uconn womens'  basketball team won again,  90-36....Is this fair anymore?

Rumor has it........Tiger Woods wife,  Elin,  is pregnant.

The NFL.......has changed it's over-time rules.   Sort of....stay tuned....

7-63.........That's the record of the woeful New Jersey Nets.... Pitiful.

3-1..........That's the odds Vegas is laying....that Tiger wins the Masters.

75.......degrees......and I'm loving it.

Have a great  "Hump Day"!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Love....Hollywood....& the NBA

Surprise  surprise......Kim and Reggie.....didn't quite work out?

We saw this coming ........months ago.   A  "cute" couple....with absolutely ...nothing in common.   Advice to Mr. Bush:  " Get a real woman....go under the radar...low profile...don't put your business in the "tabloid streets".

From ..."The Young Black & Fabulous":

Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush Split CONFIRMED?

Posted by Natasha - Last updated: Tuesday, March 23, 2010
It’s officially over.  After rumors spun this week that Kim K. and Reggie Bush were dunzo, sources tell E! News today that they are indeed over.  Kim reportedly says the split was “mutual”.
Kim is going to be in Miami another 2 weeks filming her sisters’ reality show, and Reggie has been in NYC for over a week now making his publicity rounds and hitting the club scene.
More after the cut…
Read The Rest…

D.W.B. (Driving While Black)

Another clear case of  "profiling"....another case of DWB  (Driving while Black):

Police: Dolphins RB Ronnie Brown charged with DUI
ATLANTA — Miami Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown, who had been in the suburban Atlanta area to help celebrate his parents' anniversary, was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol and released from jail a few hours later, officials said Monday.
The 28-year-old fifth-year pro was arrested at 4:29 a.m. Saturday, Marietta Police Officer Jennifer Murphy said. Marietta is about 15 miles northwest of Atlanta.

Brown's mother, Joyce Brown, told The Associated Press in a phone interview on Monday that Brown was visiting his hometown of Cartersville for her and her husband's 32nd anniversary. She said he had eaten dinner with relatives and then went to a club. She didn't know the name of the club, but the night was not part of the anniversary celebration.
She said her son was pulled over for failing to use a turn signal, but believes he was targeted because he was driving a high-priced car and is black.

Murphy would not provide details of the arrest and the AP has filed an open records request for the information. Officials at the Smyrna City Jail say Brown posted $1,110 bond and was released hours after his arrest. Cartersville is about 20 miles from Marietta.

His arrest comes weeks after Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was accused of assaulting a 20-year-old college student in a southern Georgia nightclub on March 5. He has not been charged and denies the accusation.

Brown's mother said she believes both police and the media unfairly single out football players.

"Just because of who they are, they shouldn't be pinpointed," Brown said. "They're still people, too."

Brown's agent, Todd France, did not immediately return phone and e-mail messages seeking comment. A team spokesman had no comment on the arrest. Brown's mother said her son had an attorney but wouldn't give a name.

Team owner Stephen Ross, who is attending NFL meetings in Orlando, Fla., said the organization is unhappy about the recent spate of arrests of its players. Cornerback Will Allen was charged with driving under the influence in Miami Beach, and defensive tackle Tony McDaniel was accused of domestic violence at his home in Davie, both last month.
"It certainly doesn't make us happy, and it is a concern," Ross said without specifically talking about Brown. "I think the coaches and (Dolphins football czar) Bill Parcells are disappointed and concerned, and they are addressing it."

Brown's season ended early with an injury to his right foot. He was the Dolphins' leading rusher at the time and was the key player in their wildcat formation before being placed on injured reserve Nov. 18. He had 648 yards rushing on 147 carries and eight touchdowns in 2009 before he was injured. Over his career, he has 4,081 yards rushing and 31 touchdowns.

Associated Press Sports Writer Steven Wine in Miami contributed to this report.

Saturday, March 20, 2010 L.A.

Are these .....court side seats priceless....or what?

This time our man Tom Cruise  is getting all giddy with the fans and the Lakers.....


Tom Cruise: I Love Black People!!!

Before you get all in a huff, it's a famous line from "Jerry Maguire."

Tom Cruise, Chris Brown, Jerry Maguire

Sitting courtside at the Lakers game, Tom Cruise said hello to both Chris Brown and Kobe Bryant last night.

Not pictured: Cuba Gooding Jr., probably seated in section 310.

Welcome Back.....Joe Johnson

Last night.....the Atlanta Hawks beat the Charlotte dramatic fashion thanks to Joe Johnson.

I tuned in to this game at tip-off.   Hey .....ATL.....where were you?   The building was half empty.   Is Atlanta on CPT?  (Colored People Time)?

Fortunately for the Hawks.....the seats were filled the third quarter.....but.....I know traffic is bad....but these Negroes.....need to show up......on time....and support  the team.

In case you missed it.......from

Friday, March 19, 2010


Thoughts......on ....a Friday.

In this small southern college town....this is a post card perfect afternoon.   70 degrees with sunny skies.   Is ......spring .....finally here?   Feels like it.

March here.   Great drama.....great theater .....great games.

I sure do like......those $3.99 car wash places.

Atlanta drivers.....may not be the worst.....but they are the most daring.

I don't think.....I will have a garden ......this year.

Just a few weeks.....we will all have to crank up the old lawn mower...again.

I will miss......our family conference call this Sunday...have to sad.

My daughter, Madison,  is teaching me how to ......text.

My really's the week-end......and .....I'm out!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Flashback in Time.....Richard Pryor

From time to time......we here at 5 on to do other things besides ....sports.

This is one of those times.   Enjoy this Richard Pryor skit....from back in the day:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hump Day.....News & Views

Wednesday is here......"Hump Day" too....

In this small southern college town.....there is rain falling.....a cold, chilly rain.   Winter is still trying to just .....hang on.

Some "stuff" ...we're following:

  • Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington tested positive for…
  • SURPRISE, Ariz. - Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington failed a Major League Baseball test for cocaine last season, but has apologized and will keep his job. "I had a very weak moment," Washington said at a news conference Wednesday. "I did…
  • Minneapolis Star Tribune

What is interesting the name of the town in Arizona...(Surprise, Ariz.)  where this story broke.  Ron Washington is a good man...and a good manager.  He made a mistake.  We applaud the Ranger brass.....for standing by their man.

  • Obama predicts Jayhawks will win national title
  • NEW YORK (AP) - The First Fan appears to be a big fan of basketball programs from Kansas. President Barack Obama predicted Kansas and Kansas State to join Kentucky and Villanova in the men's basketball Final Four this season, with the…
Boston Globe

Who's going to argue......with the leader of the free world?  

Mike Tyson's unexpected new gig

The former boxing champ will get his own reality show, but the subject matter may not be what you think. » 'Birdman' 

Another way exploit poor Mike...  but......pigeons?   Please.....

Pro football stars can't land a job

The NFL is giving the cold shoulder to some of the bigger names in the game. » Blog: Past their prime? 

Five possible Hall of Famers......all out of work:

1. Terrell Owens(notes), wide receiver
2. Joey Porter(notes), outside linebacker.
3. Brian Westbrook(notes), running back.
4. Kevin Mawae(notes), center.
5. Darren Sharper(notes), safety.

A little......defense......Please???

Sharpshooting Suns rout reeling Minnesota 152-114

The highest  scoring  this year :




Minnesota 33 28 27 26 114 Final 

Phoenix 38 41 35 38 152  


It is......Saint Patrick's Day!   Enjoy yourselves.......

And...have a great "Hump Day"!



Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tiger Udate.......A "Master" Plan?

You knew....and I knew....we all knew.

Tiger Woods would never,  ever miss this golf tournament at Augusta National....known as ..."The Masters".


Tiger Woods Will Play the Masters

Tiger WoodsWe knew it. We've been saying it for months ... Tiger Woods just announced he will play at the Masters next month.

Woods released a statement that said: "The Masters is where I won my first major and I view this tournament with great respect. After a long and necessary time away from the game, I feel like I'm ready to start my season at Augusta.

"The major championships have always been a special focus in my career and, as a professional, I think Augusta is where I need to be, even though it's been a while since I last played.

"I have undergone almost two months of inpatient therapy and I am continuing my treatment. Although I'm returning to competition, I still have a lot of work to do in my personal life.

"When I finally got into a position to think about competitive golf again, it became apparent to me that the Masters would be the earliest I could play."

UPDATE: Billy Payne, Chairman of Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Tournament, tells TMZ, "We support Tiger's decision to return to competitive golf beginning at this year's Masters Tournament. Additionally, we support and encourage his stated commitment to continue the significant work required to rebuild his personal and professional life."


Monday, March 15, 2010

Things ....We Learned......From the Week-end

Mondays.......The first day of the work week.  The day which sets the tone for the entire week.   The beginning...

And so with Monday......we reflect upon the week-end .....that was.

Things we learned:

I ....still....hate....Daylight Savings Time.'s March 15th.......and it still feels like winter.

The Boston Celtics.......looked mighty old ...against Cleveland.

The Orlando Magic......finally lost a game.

NASCAR......took the week off.....Why?

The Dallas Mavs......lost to the NY Knicks by 20 points....Last month,  they beat those same 50.....go figure.

March finally in the NCAA basketball tourney....Interested?

Did we.......really learn anything.....from this week-end?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Daylight Savings Time.......Once Again

I was not asked.......I was not contacted...Nobody considered my thoughts....

So here they are.

I hate Daylight Savings Time.

So many clocks to change.  4 vehicles........3 wrist watches.....4 wall clocks.....1 microwave....3 televisions.......2 computers......3 alarm clocks.....1 oven.......3 dvd players.......2 cell phones.....and 1 GPS.

Thank goodness the computers,  the cell phones,  and the GPS have the good common sense to set themselves.

So much work involved in cheating "Mother Nature".   I believe.....if my math is correct...there will still be 24 hours in a day.

But I know .......tonight.....I will lose a precious hour.

An hour.....not to have back.......until 6 months.

Daylight Savings Time.....

It sucks.....and I'm pissed.

Today in Sports History

Today in
Sports History

1878 - The first collegiate golf match was played between Oxford and Cambridge.

1894 - J.L. Johnstone invented the Horse Racing's starting gate.

1954 - Bobby Thomson (Milwaukee Braves) broke his ankle sliding into a base during a spring training game. The Braves replaced him with a rookie named Hank Aaron.

1955 - Maurice "Rocket" Richard (Montreal Canadiens) was ejected from a game for fighting. Three days later, NHL commissioner Clarence Campbell suspended Richard for the rest of the season. Campbell's decision resulted in seven hours of looting and destruction of property.

1960 - The NFL's Chicago Cardinals transferred to St. Louis.

1983 - Randy Smith's NBA consecutive game streak ended at 906 games.

1992 - Chick Hearn, broadcaster for the Los Angeles Lakers, called his 2,500th consecutive Laker game. The streak began in November of 1965.

1993 - Oksana Bayul became the youngest world champion when she won the world figure skating championship at age 15.

1999 - A.C. Green (Dallas Mavericks) played in his 1,000th consecutive game.

1999 - Phil Housley (Calgary Flames) became the American all-time points leader in the NHL when he reached 1,066. He passed Joe Mullen who had 1,063.

2002 - Former NFL player Jim Brown began a six-month jail sentence for vandalizing his wife's car. Brown had refused to undergo court-ordered counseling and community service.

2007 - Mike Modano (Dallas Stars) scored his 500th career goal.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Young.....Black......Stupid...Yet Again

What the hell ....Are our youths.....thinking?

Oregon Ducks QB Suspended for the Season

Jeremiah MasoliOregon Ducks quarterback Jeremiah Masoli probably thought pleading to second degree burglary would keep him from being suspended this season -- he was very, very wrong.

Masoli was suspended for the entire 2010 season, his head coach announced today, for his part in a frat house burglary.

He pled guilty today to second degree misdemeanor burglary and agreed to make restitution.

Masoli threw for 2,147 yards last season and rushed for another 814.

It's worth noting -- Ducks RB LeGarrette Blount was suspended for the season last year after an on-field altercation ... but he was reinstated after missing 10 games.

A Tiger Comeback?


Tiger Woods -- Major Clue in Golf Comeback

Tiger Woods has still not announced when he's returning to golf -- but TMZ has learned one upcoming tournament is beginning to make several mysterious arrangements ... arrangements that have Tiger's tracks all over them.

Tiger Woods

It's all connected to the Tavistock Cup -- an exclusive golf tournament scheduled to begin on March 22nd, which pits the Lake Nona Country Club against the Isleworth Country Club ... where Tiger is a member.

The famously private event is known for allowing fans to get up close and personal with the golfers -- but sources close to the tournament tell us management for the Isleworth Country Club, this year's home course, has suddenly decided to cut down on the number of passes given to Lake Nona employees.

We're told several staff members are being told the move is being orchestrated by Tiger's camp in an effort to control who will have access to the golfer when he makes his return.

We'll see if they're right in t-minus 10 days ...