Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Every ...."Rose"....Has a Thorn

This ..."thorn" .....may get Rose fired.....from the 4 letter network:


Jalen Rose -- I Regret Getting Behind the Wheel

NBA analyst Jalen Rose was surprised he was arrested for DUI earlier this month -- telling TMZ he didn't think he was going to blow over the limit on his blood alcohol test.


Jalen admits when he wrecked his car on March 11 ... he "voluntarily submitted to blood alcohol screening because I was confident it was safe for me to drive."

TMZ broke the story -- the ESPN hoops analyst and former NBA star crashed while driving on an icy road in Michigan.  After completing several field sobriety tests he was arrested for DUI.

Jalen says he regrets the decision to drive home -- and is "sorry for disappointing those who trust me to serve as a role model."

Hump Day.....News & Views

Some stuff we're following as March comes to a close:

Well......He did pay for them:

Kimberly Bell

Ex-Mistress: Bonds Threatened To 'Cut Out My Breast Implants' 


With friends like these.......

Players Testify Bonds Trial

Ex-Ball Players Testify In Bonds Trial


Restroom?   Really LeBron?.....Really?

Lebron No Show Introductions

NO SHOW: LeBron Skips Player Introductions In Cleveland


Not so young.......but stupid & black:

Jalen Rose Arrested

Former NBA Player Arrested 


Have a great "Hump Day"!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Things ....We Learned......From the Week-end

Old man still holding on in this small southern college town.....

Temperatures in the 40'

So........what did we learn?

The madness of March.......continues:

Vcu Final Four

SHOCKING UPSET: No More No. 1 Seeds 



Kentucky Final Four

Kentucky Advances To Final Four


A trade gone bad:

Bobcats Knicks



New new places:

Cuonzo Martin Tennessee

Tennessee Hires New Basketball Coach


"Heating"  up:

Heat Big Three

Heat's Big 3 Has Record Night


Where's ........Tiger?

Martin Laird Bay Hill

Arnold Palmer Invitational's Improbable Champion







Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Morning Headlines

March here:


Friday, March 25, 2011

On this Day.....

Today in
Sports History

1936 - The Detroit Red Wings defeated the Montreal Maroons in the longest hockey game to date. The game lasted for 2 hours and 56 minutes.

1958 - Sugar Ray Robinson regained his middleweight title for the fifth time when he defeated Carmen Basilio in a 12-round decision.

1971 - The Boston Patriots became the New England Patriots.

1972 - Bobby Hull joined Gordie Howe to become only the second National Hockey League player to score 600 career goals.

1982 - Wayne Gretzky became the first player in the NHL to score 200 points in a season.

1995 - Boxer Mike Tyson was released from jail after serving 3 years.

Mike Tyson being released in 1995

1997 - Hartford Whalers announced that they would move from Connecticut following the 1996-97 season. In 1997-98 they became the Carolina Hurricanes.

2002 - The NHL suspended Keith Tkachuk (St. Louis Blues) for slashing Lyle Odelein (Chicago Blackhawks) during a game on March 23, 2002.

2002 - Bobby Holik (New Jersey Devils) was suspended by the NHL for slashing Rod Brind'Amour (Carolina Hurricanes) in the face. Brind'Amour needed seven stitches to close the cut about his left eye.

2004 - The NHL suspended Marty Turco (Dallas Stars) for four games for a high-sticking incident the night before against Ryan Smith (Edmonton Oilers). Turco forfeited more that 195,000 in salary.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just........"Shut up".....Geno

Are you as tired of Geno Auriemma and the Uconn womens basketball we are?

Geno.....nobody wants to continue to pay to see your team beat the field by 50 points.

You have reached the pinnacle....You get the best players.......You win every year.

It's boring.

When you decide to coach real a real league...we may start paying attention ......again.

Until then.......just ....shut up!

Geno Auriemma: 'I Think We Have A Real Spoiled Group Of Fans' 

STORRS, Conn. -- Connecticut fans may have seen their last NCAA tournament game in Storrs for a while.
Geno Auriemma Spoiled Fans

Coach Geno Auriemma, disappointed that fewer than 6,000 fans showed up at the 10,000-seat Gampel Pavilion for UConn's second-round win over Purdue on Tuesday, said he will ask athletic director Jeff Hathaway not to bid on hosting the tournament for the next five years.

Auriemma said asking fans to attend a regular season, Big East tournament and first two rounds of the NCAA tournament in Connecticut is a lot.

He joked that it might help if UConn won more games. The team has lost one game in the last three seasons.

"I think we have a real spoiled group of fans," Auriemma said.

Pat McKenna, a spokesman for the team, said Wednesday that Auriemma was serious about asking not to host the tournament, but has not yet spoken to Hathaway.

Another .......Ugly Loss

As fans of the Atlanta Hawks.....we're trying.

Really we are......trying to stay loyal.......trying to stand by our team.

But this team makes it difficult.   This team owns the 3 biggest blow-out losses in all of the NBA this home no less.

This team plays no defense.....has no heart.   This team has the highest paid player (Joe Johnson) in the league.  And "clueless Joe"........scored a measly 13 points in last nights loss.

This team has tuned out its coach.       This team has alienated its fans......


From the AJC:

Matt Slocum, AP

Hawks falter in Philly

Atlanta wastes a 6-point halftime lead, drops second game in a row.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hump Day.....News & Views

Let's jump right in.......

Some "stuff".....we're following:

R.I.P.......Liz Taylor:

Elizabeth Taylor Dead

Elizabeth Taylor Passes Away


Somebody stills needs....anger management classes:

Chris Brown

Chris Brown FREAKS OUT At 'Good Morning America,' Breaks Window


"Pull your britches up,  son"!

Dez Bryant Mall
Cowboys Player Kicked Out Of Shopping Mall
A team with ....."heart":
Lakers Suns



A team with "heart":


Bulls blow out Hawks at home


Tiger should go back to golf school......himself:

Tiger Woods App

Tiger Launches Instructional App


Have a great "Hump Day"!!!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What "Handicap"?

This is what we call overcoming a handicap......

From the Los Angeles Times:

Anthony Robles, born with one leg, captures NCAA wrestling title

On a weekend when several underdog basketball teams took the first steps toward becoming unlikely NCAA champions, Arizona State senior Anthony Robles beat them to it.

Robles, who was born without a right leg, won an NCAA wrestling title in the 125-pound weight class Saturday night, capping an undefeated season by knocking off defending champion Matt McDonough of Iowa, 7-1, in the final.

"I had a lot of butterflies going out there," Robles said after what he says was his final wrestling match. "I've dreamt about stepping on that stage a dozen times, and this whole year I've just been preparing for that moment.

"I was scared out there, but as soon as I hit that first takedown I sort of relaxed. I said, ‘OK, back to business. Same drill as usual, like every other match.' "

Robles started wrestling as a freshman in high school and went on to become a three-time Pac-10 champion who took fourth at the NCAAs as a sophomore and seventh as a junior. He claims his grip strength, from years of holding onto crutches, is his biggest advantage, although his tremendous upper-body strength (he is said to bench 305 pounds) surely doesn't hurt either.

"I didn't get into the sport for the attention," he said. "I wrestle because I love wrestling, but it inspires me when I get kids, even adults, who write me on Facebook or send me letters in the mail just saying that I've inspired them, and they look up to me, and they're motivated to do things that other people wouldn't have thought possible."

Monday, March 21, 2011

Things ....We Learned......From the Week-end

Gorgeous this small, southern , college town. officially here.

What did we learn from the past two days?


Your services are no longer needed:

He ain't just heavy......and he ain't brother:
Kelly Gneiting Marathon

The Heaviest Man To Finish A Marathon Ever


Leave the he has a bracket:

Obama Sweet Sixteen

Obama's Sweet 16 Picks


Surprise surprise.......She's .....white:

Alyse Lahti Johnston Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods' New Girlfriend


A waste.......of your hard earned tax money:

Barry Bonds Perjury Trial

Barry Bonds Trial Begins


From the Sweet 16:

Sweet Sixteen Ncaa Tournament




Thought so........ 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

World War III?

World War I.....and World War II.....were started innocently enough....

Could this be.........World War III?

Just asking.......

- March 19, 2011

U.S. launches air attack on Libya

President Obama authorized missile strikes against Libya as part of an allied effort to enforce a no-fly zone.

The......."L.T.".......We Didn't want to Know

We would like to remember Lawrence Taylor......the super human linebacker...


Shit happens.

This is "L.T."

Courtesy.........Young, Black, and Fabulous

SPORTS: Lawrence Taylor Can't Afford His Child Support Payments + Chris Paul Left Game On A Stretcher!

Since the public fallout from his arrest for having sex with an underage hookerfootball legend and former "DWTS" contestant Lawrence Taylor says he can't afford $456 a week in child support for his ailing 13-year-old daughter. 

Chart of the Day

Another interesting chart from    Business Insider:

CHART OF THE DAY: The NCAA Tournament Is One Big Nike Commercial

This year's NCAA tournament is significant because it is the first in which teams are allowed to wear jerseys with the manufacturer's logo (previously they were only allowed on the shorts). And the one brand that will benefit the most is Nike.

Of the 68 teams in this year's NCAA tournament, 48 schools are wearing Nike jerseys and another three are wearing the Jordan brand, which is a division of Nike. (via Sports Business Daily). On the footwear side, 52 teams are donning Nike shoes and three are wearing Jordan brand. That is 55 teams under the Swoosh umbrella.

The only other brand with a significant presence is Adidas with 12 schools wearing their shoes, and 11 of those wearing Adidas jerseys. The rest of the brands represented are Anaconda Sports, Russell Athletic, Under Armour and Crons. Surprisingly, no teams are wearing Reebok Pumps.

Below is a word cloud (created using that shows every brand that is represented in the NCAA tournament this season. The size of the names reflects the number of teams wearing that brand relative to the other brands.

NCAA Apparel Brands

One.......and ....Done

That was quick.....

One and done........So goes for the University of Georgia mens basketball team.

From the AJC:


Dogs exit NCAA tourney quickly

Georgia loses to Washington by three points in a first-round game late Friday night, finishes season with a 21-12 record.

Friday, March 18, 2011

March Madness.....In Full Force

We are pleasantly... surprised!

The "Super Bowl" of college basketball....

March Madness!

I did not fill out a bracket....I'm just watching.

And......watching ....I am.  For the first time ever.......every minute of every game is at my finger tips.

CBS......TNT......TBS .......TruTV......

What a foursome!

It works......

And's working without the "four letter network"......the "world wide leader" in ESPN.

And that's a good thing.

The coverage has been excellent.......the announcers......the studio crews......awesome.

And all in HD!

What took this so long?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hump Day.....News & Views

It's........Wednesday...."Hump Day"!

In this town...the weather is fantastic!

75 humidity... beautiful!

"Stuff" .......we're following and you should be too:

I think ....we could cure her...."depression":

Serena Williams Depressed
Bad choice of words:

Adrian Peterson: NFL Players Stuck In 'Modern-Day Slavery'


We ....agree:

Stan Van Gundy Annoying

The Most Annoying Coach In The NBA


What a difference.....2 weeks makes:

Heat Spurs



Mr. President......Aren't there more important issues?

Obama Ncaa Tournament

Which Teams Does Obama Like In The NCAA Tournament?


An eye.....for an eye?   Gone bad:

Minor League Manager Loses Eye


Ali.........always the spokesman:

Muhammad Ali
Boxing Champ Ali Asks Iran To Free U.S. Hikers 
So there.......a Wednesday...a "Hump Day".
Let's ...just make it to the week-end..... 

A...."Feel Good" ...Story

Wow.......a "feel good" story from the NBA.


Courtesy of Kelly Dwyer and the blog,  "Ball don't Lie":

Players chip in to save coach’s life after Clippers decline medical coverage

Seven years ago, former Los Angeles Clippers head coach Kim Hughes was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and the ensuing aftermath will change the way you feel about several NBA types significantly.

Up until Tuesday afternoon, the only functional knowledge I had of former Los Angeles Clippers head coach Kim Hughes was that he was, in fact, a former Los Angeles Clippers head coach, and that he once touched his elbows on the rim in a lay-up line at a high school tournament in Illinois, which really impressed my father.

Beyond that, nothing. Until Tuesday afternoon, when Howard Beck brought this column to Trey Kerby's attention, and he brought it to our attention. And now we're passing the feel-good savings on to you, in the form of an anecdote that reveals that NBA players Corey Maggette(notes), Marko Jaric(notes), Chris Kaman(notes) and Elton Brand(notes) all chipped in to pay for expensive life-saving surgery for Hughes, after the Clippers organization (read: Donald Sterling, noted worst person in the world) declined to cover the costs.
Declined to cover the cost of a surgery that would save their employee's life. While playing rent-free in an often sold-out arena in America's second-biggest television market.

Unyieldingly evil.

Gary Woelfel has the original story:
"Those guys saved my life," Hughes said. "They paid the whole medical bill. It was like $70,000 or more. It wasn't cheap.
"It showed you what classy people they are. They didn't want me talking about it; they didn't want the recognition because they simply felt it was the right thing to do."
Hughes said he will be forever grateful to Brand, Jaric, Kaman and Maggette. In fact, Hughes said every time he runs into any of them, he thanks them from the bottom of his heart.
Maggette said that was indeed the case, laughing how he has repeatedly told Hughes over the years it wasn't necessary.
"Kim thanks me every time he sees me; he does that every single time," Maggette said smiling. "I've said to him, 'Kim, come on. You don't have to do that. You're good.'
No, you're good, Corey Maggette. You're pretty fantastically good. And so are you, Marko Jaric, Elton Brand, and Chris Kaman.

And Donald Sterling? You remain a terrible, terrible person.

Quite an ...Endorsement!

Now this is an endorsement.....

From GaPeach913...

Courtesy ....Huffington Post:

Michael Jordan: Derrick Rose Is The MVP (VIDEO)

Michael Jordan Derrick Rose
Michael Jordan's showing a little love for his former team.

After the Chicago Bulls tore apart Jordan's Charlotte Bobcats Wednesday night, the former Bull had a lot to say about the Bulls' star point guard, Derrick Rose.

''He's the MVP for the season,'' said Jordan, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. ''He deserves it. He's playing that well. And if he doesn't get it, you'll see how I felt a lot of years.''
Rose scored 20 points and had 6 assists against Charlotte, and the Bulls have already clinched a playoff berth, reports ESPN. The potential MVP is averaging 24.5 points per game.

Jordan himself is a 5-time MVP. Rose, though humble, said it was "an honor" to have MJ refer to him like that, according to the Sun-Times.

For the full report from Yahoo Sports, check out the video below (first segment).


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Daylight Savings Time

A re-post.....from years past:


Daylight Savings Time.....

To be quite blunt.......Daylight savings time sucks! Tomorrow....check at 2 am we will set our collective clocks forward 1 hour. Why? Our time pieces in our body will have to adjust needlessly for this ridiculous attempt to cheat mother nature.

How......exactly....... are we .......saving......daylight? And.....what are we saving daylight from? Is .....daylight ..... in danger? Does......daylight.....need to be rescued? Oh, my bad. We're not saving the daylight from an unknown enemy........We are saving daylight........for future use. So....should we freeze it ........or can it? Or put the daylight in a bank ....and earn interest.

Now, personally, I happen to like daylight. And for years now, I have done what most Americans have done for the last 30 years.......In March........I save an hour..........of daylight.
Only to give it back in October! And when I give it back........I have no return on my investment. I just........don't get it. Spring forward...........fall backward......why? And for.......whom?

Daylight.........could care less.......In a 24 hour day..........daylight shines for how ever many hours.......regardless if we humans manipulate a doggone clock.

Meanwhile.........the moon is watching all of this........and thinking........."Hey....what about "moonlight" savings time....... We want equal representation". We too..... want to be saved.

Imagine that..............then again.......just set that darn clock ahead that hour of daylight........and be a zombie for a few days before your body adjusts......

Daylight Savings Time............