Thursday, September 29, 2011

Over......and Done!

Just like that.....the play-off lights of the Atlanta Braves....went dark.

On a clear September autumn evening.....these Braves finished their it started.

Not winning a darn thing!

Frustrating.....heart wrenching.......just pitiful!

From the Athens Banner Herald:

John Bazemore/APBraves starting pitcher Tim Hudson works in the first inning against the Phillies on Wednesday in Atlanta.

Braves complete colossal collapse

ATLANTA — With the season on the line, the Atlanta Braves couldn't get the final three outs.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy 89th......Larry Munson

We knew you were the voice of the Atlanta Braves....back in the .....dare we say.......60's?

Mr. now 89 years......old.

Not 89   And we applaud you.

Thanks for the memories:

ESPN's UGA Larry Munson Tribute - YouTube 27, 2008 - 2 min - Uploaded by drmcnew
Georgia's Larry Munson on ESPN Gameday. ... i loved when larry munson said " Massaquoi". amoney721 9 months ago. i WANT TO THANK ...

Dream......a little......Dream the past ....we might have been a tab bit hard on women's basketball....and the Atlanta Dream.

But they are again.   Back in the WNBA Finals....for the 2nd straight year.

Way to go Dream!

You are the much needed the end of an otherwise dark tunnel in Atlanta sports.

We salute you!

Hump Day.....News & Views

We are not in the best of moods....this Wednesday....but.....

We're still ....."humpin'"

Kobe....wants his money....and it won't be in the NBA:

Kobe Bryant Italy

Kobe To Italy? 'It's Very Possible'


Why is there a black guy....playing hockey....anyway?

Chris Moorhouse Wayne Simmonds

Man Charged In Racist Taunt At Flyers Player


We couldn't of said it ......any better:

Braves Phillies

Braves Routed In Philly As Cardinals Catch Up In Standings


Note to Trent Dilfer...."You weren't even an average shut the hell up!"

Dilfer Vick

ESPN Analyst Mocks Vick For Complaining Since Romo Didn't


We're still pissed offed...but.....

Have a great...."Hump Day"!!! 

A Brave New World

After 7 months....161 all comes down to game 162.

The Atlanta Braves have squandered a seemingly un-catchable  lead.

And now.....their fate lies in a team with 105 losses (Houston).

Excuse me if I kick these Braves ......under the bus.

Excuse me if I drive said bus....over the Braves.

This is pathetic.

From the Athens Banner Herald:


Braves, Cardinals all tied heading into final day

ATLANTA (AP) — Tim Hudson relishes the chance to pitch in such an important game.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Birthday.......Serena!

Courtesy of

Five Facts About Serena Williams

Professional tennis player Serena Williams is turning the big 3-0. As one of the world's top ranking players, we've seen Williams go from an eager teenager to a solidified champion. Here are five things you may not know about the birthday girl!
Serena Williams
Today marks a major milestone in Serena Williams' life. She's turning 30 years old and we're taking a look at five accomplishments and personal triumphs that have made her a champion on and off the court.

She's a midwest girl

Despite Williams' Compton upbringing, she wasn't born in the state of California. Her father Richard moved her and her family to the southwest when she was still a child. Williams was actually born in Saginaw, Michigan.

She started from the bottom

Serena Williams made her professional debut in 1995 at the age of 14. In her first match, she played Annie Miller and lost in the first round. She earned a mere $240 in prize money.

She made history

In 1999, after winning the U.S. Open, Williams became the first African-American woman to win the Grand Slam professional tennis tournament since 1958 when Althea Gibson earned the title.

She lost a loved one

Aside from Venus, Serena has three half-sisters, whose names are Yetunde, Lyndrea and Isha. Yetunde served as the personal assistant for both Venus and Serena, but unfortunately passed away in 2003. Yetunde was accidentally struck in the head by a bullet which was intended for her boyfriend. She was 31 years old.

Tennis is a family affair

Serena and Venus Williams have played side by side and against each other multiple times over the course of their careers. In 1999, they were the first sisters to go head to head in a match since 1884 when they participated in the Lipton Championships. In the event, Serena's older sibling prevailed and she took it as a learning experience.
Overall, Serena Williams' career is a modern marvel. As someone who was once eclipsed by her sister, she currently has an astounding 13 Grand Slam titles to her name and is still raking in awards. Williams is one of the top tennis players in the world and could go down in history as the best to ever play the game.

Some ....Stuff... From the Week-end

In this small southern college town.....UGA won a football game....The Falcons lost.......the Braves lead in the wild card race is down to 1 game....

It's a Monday....

Other stuff we were following over this past week-end:


Panthers Jaguars

Cam Battles Through Monsoon, Leads Panthers To First Win


A New No. 1:

Lsu Football

LSU Tops Latest College Football Rankings



Detroit Lions

These Are Not Your Father's Lions: Stafford Leads Comeback In Minny


The Eagle has landed....with a thud:

Victor Cruz

Giants Prove A Nightmare For 'Dream Team'


Exactly which part of the Texas

Texas Am

It's Official: Texas A&M To SEC


Not cool,  Vick.....not cool at all.   Shut up and play!

Michael Vick
Vick Complains About Not Getting Same Calls As Other QBs

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A "Beatdown"....In Morgantown

LSU....put on a show last night.... least for now....the best college football teams are from the SEC:

LSU pulls away from WVU

MORGANTOWN, W. Va. — Maybe it’s Top 25 opposition that brings out the best in the second-ranked LSU Tigers.  Or maybe it’s the ABC and ESPN cameras and crew as well as a national stage.  Or maybe it’s just the Tigers who … Continue Reading →
ESPN's  top 25 recap:

Complete Top 25 Overview 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Colossal Collapse

A colossal collapse?

Maybe.....A month ago the Boston Red-Sox and the Atlanta Braves held double digit leads over their nearest wild-card rivals.

But now?

Both are fighting for their play-off lives.

Check out the latest....courtesy of The Huffington Post:

Red Sox Orioles
Red Sox Topped By Orioles Again
Jason Heyward
Braves Skid Continues

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"These are the Breaks".....Halle Berry Style

On occasion......we like to step outside the sports world.

This is one of those occasions.....

Our beloved Halle Berry broke a foot..... And course...

 Was there!

Halle Berry
Breaks Foot In Spain

TMZ has learned ... Halle Berry broke her foot in Spain this morning, and it's creating problems for the movie she's shooting.

Sources tell TMZ ... Halle was on the property where she's staying and simply took a misstep.  She heard a crack and then felt the pain.  Halle went to the hospital, where doctors put her foot in a cast. She was taken out of the hospital in a wheelchair.

As for the movie she's currently shooting -- "Cloud Atlas" -- sources say the immediate plan is to shoot around her.  We're told that will be a combination of things -- shooting her from the waist up, using a stunt double, and shooting scenes for the next week or two in which Halle does not appear.

The plain in Spain creates intense pain.  We just had to.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

On This Day....September 17th

Today is Saturday, September 17, 2011

Today in
Sports History

1920 - The American Professional Football Association was formed in Canton, OH. It was the precursor to the National Football League (NFL).

1953 - Ernie Banks became the first black baseball player to wear a Chicago Cubs uniform. He retired in 1971 known as 'Mr. Cub'.

1961 - The Minnesota Vikings were debuted as the new National Football League (NFL)

1983 - Johnny Bench, of the Cincinnati Reds, retired after 16 years as a catcher.

1983 - Carl Yastrzemski of the Boston Red Sox broke Hank Aaron's major league record for games played when he started his 3,299th game.

1984 - Reggie Jackson hit his 500th career home run. It was exactly 17 years from the day he hit his first major league home run.

2004 - Barry Bonds (San Francisco Giants) hit his 700th home run.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hump Day.....News & Views

It's a Wednesday.....Hump Day....

Here's what we're following:

Be careful what you ask for:

Tim Tebow

Broncos Fans Chant 'We Want Tebow'


That sure was quick:

Cameron Diaz Alex Rodriguez

Report: A-Rod, Cameron Diaz Break Up


Trust us.....there will be no NBA ....anytime soon....what a bunch of idiots:

Nba Talks

NBA Players & Owners Make No Progress At Key Meeting


Tom Brady says....."Remember me?"

Tom Brady

Patriots Dominate For Record-Setting Win Over Dolphins


Manny being ....Manny.....Manny goes to jail:

Manny Ramirez Arrested For Domestic Abuse

Manny Ramirez Mug

LISTEN: Wife Makes 911 Call


Humpin' to please.....

Have a great Hump Day! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A..."Vick" .....Fashion Statement?

Nice coat....nice shirt...

But whats underneath?

We like....

Just Vick being a ....comfortable Vick.

"What the problem is?"

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback sported a new style at his press conference after the game, sporting a spiffy-looking sport coat and dress shirt over the top of some Nike mesh shorts and sandals.

Photo: Vick wears shorts, sandals and a suit to press conference

Happy Birthday.....GaPeach913

Happy Birthday.....GaPeach913!

Cheers from 5 on Five......and the rest of the world:

Monday, September 12, 2011

In Case You Missed it.......From the Week-end

In this small southern college town.... 

The Bulldog Nation is getting restless.....

Fall is in the air....

It's mid September......

In case you missed it..... other stuff ....we were following:

Courtesy of our friends the Huffington Post:

Serena is getting an earful from her peers:

Serena Williams Mary Carillo

Tennis Analyst Calls Serena 'Ass-Clown'


A Cowboy Collapse:

Jets Cowboys



Cam......might be the real deal:

Cam Newton Panthers Cardinals

Cam Breaks Record In NFL Debut, But Panthers Lose


Let us never forget:

Nfl Tributes

NFL Pays Tribute To 9/11 Anniversary


A Steeler.....beatdown:

Ravens Steelers

WATCH: Ravens Humiliate Steelers 


To the Vick haters......get off his ass:

Eagles Rams

Vick Leads Eagles To Easy Win 


Just some.....other stuff.



From "Fit" just plain ..."Fat"

From...  Business Insider

These athletes really let themselves go.....though not to a nearby salad bar.

Check these out:

Mike Tyson after retirement

Mike Tyson after retirement

We guess pitchers don't do much running

We guess pitchers don't do much running

But sportscasting doesn't burn as many calories as playing bball

But sportscasting doesn't burn as many calories as playing bball

But his line of grills isn't cutting it

But his line of grills isn't cutting it

Gwynn, now

Gwynn, now

Another ...Serena...Outburst

Come on Serena......You're better than this.

Calm down.  

Yes......God knows the American tennis world needs the William sisters...but...

Show a little class.....cut out all this ghetto junk....and play some tennis!

From the Huffington Post:

Serena Williams

Serena Loses Cool On Way To Losing U.S. Open Final

Losersville, USA?

As Athens native band.....R.E.M. put it:  "Everybody hurts....sometimes."

But.........All at once?   Together?

On the same week-end?

What the hell is going on here?

First  .....the University of Georgia....loses to boarder rival,  South Carolina.   The Bulldogs put up 42 points  only to see the Gamecocks put up 45!

South Carolina takes advantage of turnovers to beat Georgia in thriller

ATHENS -- As the staff and players of the Georgia football team walked slowly off the field Saturday night, about half the fans above the locker room tunnel stood. Then they did something few Bulldogs fans did last week: They applauded their team.

Then the Atlanta Braves get swept by the Saint Louis Cardinals......3 games to none....and suddenly the 10 game wild card lead is down to 4 1/2!

Braves swept again, wild-card lead to 4-1/2

And while the Bulldogs and the Braves did manage to put on a competitive effort.....the same cannot be said for the Atlanta Falcons.

Consider this:  After finishing last season at 13-3......Counting the embarrassing play-off lost to Green Bay....4 pre-season games.....and yesterdays debacle against the Bears....

This team has lost 6 straight!

Falcons suffer unbearable loss at Chicago, 30-12 

CHICAGO - In the rare times when it appeared the Atlanta Falcons might get on track in the season opener Sunday, they were hampered by their own mistakes. read more is but one week-end.

But oh what a bad taste it left.


Well.....there ain't a whole lot of winning around here....lately.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Cats or Dogs?

This is too funny.....

But will it motivate his team?

Bennett Speech

WATCH: The Most Bizarre Press Conference Ever

The "Pack" is Back.....& so is the NFL

Wow......what a start for the NFL!

The defending Super Bowl champs....Green Bay....verses the 2010 champs... New Orleans Saints.

The game did not disappoint.....Both offenses looked to be in mid season form.

Can't wait for the Sunday games...

From the Huffington Post:


Packers Edge Saints In Thrilling Season Opener.. WATCH HIGHLIGHTS 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The "Academy"...Welcomes ...Eddie Murphy

To's a good fit.

Eddie Murphy got his start doing stand-up comedy.   He was raw....he was entertaining.

As the host of the Oscars.....he will be great....on an otherwise boring evening.

Just keep your hand on the 7 second delay button.....


Eddie Murphy to host Oscars

The actor and onetime standup comic has not performed live onstage in decades. » Good or bad choice?